Steel has optimal mechanical resistance features, however it has poor resistance to atmospheric agents (air and water) and therefore it requires suitable coating. The most commonly used treatment for protecting steel from oxidation and corrosion is galvanization.

Our products are protected using the innovative Teknocover method, an innovative system of automotive derivation that allows 7 times more resistance to corrosion than ordinary hot-dip zinc coating, as shown by salt mist testing. This revolutionary continuous hot-coating is composed of an alloy containing aluminum (55%), nickel (0.8%), copper (0.8%) and zinc (43.4%) alloy and a further polymer covering, which leaves the steel surface particularly smooth and protected. In addition, Teknocover’s surface aesthetics remain unaltered in the long-run, as well as providing self-protection for sheared edges and scratches. Teknocover coating provides the steel sheet with a double protection against corrosion. In the first place the sheet is protected because the coating forms a barrier against general corrosion. The second protection mechanism is connected to the formation of a galvanised element that occurs once the material is exposed to humidity (electrolyte). The zinc ions migrate towards the naked steel correspondingly with the scratches and edges of cuts, thus protecting these areas from corrosion.

The new Teknocover Valente coating guarantees:

- Resistance to corrosion that is 3 to 7 times greater than traditional
hot galvanized sheet metal, as demonstrated by the salty spray fog test

- The surface aesthetics remain unaltered over time

- Optimal protection of sheared borders and against any scratches