STRUKTURE systems are designed to withstand overloads and stresses even in extreme weather. In particular, the systems are designed in compliance with Eurocode 1, according to the following parameters:
• height of the structure
• tilt angle of the modules
• height above sea level of site
• line distance from sea
• topography class of the site
• region in which system is installed

Each system will then be sized to withstand the forces of wind and overload of snow, according to the specific conditions of the site of installation. For each plant, the design department will provide the technical calculations, in compliance with Eurocode 1.
The STRUKTURE design department is able to provide all the advice and assistance necessary to the implementation of the system, through the feasibility study aimed at finding the best technical solution to the needs of both the client and environmental/soil characteristics to maximize the yield of the system over time.


Particular attention is given to the production and installation associated to the system. With aim of minimizing activities on site, specific equipment, assembly procedures and test procedures have been devised. Therefore, support structure installation is performed by our team of specialized installation personnel on the basis of experience and continuous training. Furthermore, our installation team is available for the installation of photovoltaic panels.


The STRUKTURE delivery team ships merchandise to destination on time and accuracy, both in Italy and abroad. Our drivers are trained professionals at the command of functional transport vehicles that can handle any situation. Thanks to the unloading cranes and absence of sides, our teams are able to unload merchandise in any environment without the need of a forklift.


Our team of installers is available for the installation of photovoltaic panels. Upon request, to protect the system installed, we construct barriers with prestressed concrete poles and plastic-coated diamond mesh network.


Upon request, STRUKTURE provide to uninstall and disposal of materials that constitute the support system in accordance with regulations and safety standards. The materials used are non-polluting and not toxic.


The STRUKTURE support systems are guaranteed by the company for 20 years.